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Oakridge Group services encompass international payment structuring, Dubai real estate advisory, property management, and offshore trust establishment. Rely on Oakridge Group to facilitate smooth fund transfers to Dubai, ensuring the establishment of a secure and stable financial base. Your assets are in capable hands, safeguarded, and managed for enduring peace of mind.


Dubai stands as the ultimate destination for real estate investments, and the demand for luxury properties keeps soaring. At Oakridge Group, we’ve redefined the Dubai luxury real estate market with an innovative approach that promises both security and excitement. Our leadership team, consisting of seasoned investors, real estate experts, and a bespoke design team, has already launched numerous successful ventures across Dubai. Dubai’s residential landscape is witnessing a substantial shortage of luxury villas, a trend poised to skyrocket over the next five years. This scarcity is primarily driven by Dubai’s ambitious 2040 population settlement targets and the immensely popular Golden Visa campaign, which has sparked a surge in demand among European, Russian, Middle Eastern, and Asian investors.


Oakridge Group stands out as the UAE’s most forward-thinking property value maximization and investment platform, specializing in the luxury property market. We collaborate directly with property owners looking to maximize the capital value of their Dubai properties when they decide to sell. Our model thrives on Joint Venture (JV) partnerships, bolstered by airtight legal contracts, ensuring the interests of all parties involved. Our approach revolves around assessing and enhancing property values through strategic renovations and reselling them at enhanced prices in the open market. Renovation costs typically hover around 3 million AED, with our projects consistently achieving resale values ranging from 15 to 45 million AED. Our project turnaround time averages just 8-10 months.

At Oakridge Group, our directors hail from diverse backgrounds, each contributing a wealth of experience and knowledge from various sectors. Together, they bring over two decades of combined expertise within the property industry. With years of hands-on experience and our seasoned team, Oakridge Group serves as your trusted partner, empowering you to make informed investment decisions and maximize returns.



Oakridge Group’s ethos centers on transparency, offering you a clear overview of risks and how we safeguard and guarantee your investments. We ensure financial security through multiple measures:

Legal Interest in Asset

Oakridge Group maintains a legal interest in the asset, ensuring the return of the initial investment and margin upon property sale.

Secure Contracting Environment

Our robust contracts, governed by Dubai laws, prevent any deviation from agreements and commitments.

Securely Held

Investment funds are held securely in a lawyer’s escrow account and disbursed to contractors as per the agreed schedule.

Assured Risk Appraisal

We conduct comprehensive risk assessments, sharing the findings with our investors to instill confidence from the outset.

Quality Established Contractors

Oakridge Group exclusively partners with established, reputable contractors, guaranteeing top-notch work and timely project delivery.

Stringent Project Appraisals

We ensure that each project meets minimum ROI thresholds to cover capital costs through rigorous assessments.


We offer flexible funding options, such as 1-5 year coupons based on a fixed ROI or project-specific funding. Our ROI rates range from 15% to 20% per annum, dependent on the term and funding arrangement. With project turnarounds occurring every 9 months, our Pro-Rata returns are notably higher per annum.